OPEN LEARNING: A Connectivist MOOC for Faculty Collaboratives

January 22-May 6, 2017


  1. To design and provide a helpful and stimulating learning experience for all participants that results in measurable improvement in the use of digital affordances and sustainable professional development connections across Virginia and other areas.
  2. To create materials that support development and stimulate further learning aligned with effective, innovative teaching and learning in higher education
  3. To align Virginia’s hub with the broader goals and ethos of the AAC&U Faculty Collaboratives project
  4. To achieve these goals within an open, sustainable, online framework for connected learning

The cMOOC will last 15 weeks. It will be Virginia-sponsored, but open to anyone. Provision will be made for participants to register on the hub website: http://www.openlearninghub.net In additional to general publicity, special invitations will be sent via email to a) faculty and staff in Virginia, most likely through teaching/learning centers as well as OpenVA advisory board members and b) other Faculty Collaborative state groups.

Each week:

  1. An assigned reading or viewing resource (all OER except for the AAC&U book)
  2. Two synchronous events. For example:

Guest speaker / presentation or interview / opportunities for Q&A and other interaction

Panel discussion

Twitter chat

“AMA” (“Ask Me Anything”)

–all synchronous events will be added to site resources with a Creative Commons license and available for later consultation (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) (David Wiley’s “5 Rs” framework)

  1. Asynchronous participation–for example:

Blogs (all participants)

Hypothesis annotation

Discussion Forum



YouTube/Vine etc.

—-asychronous participation also to be added to site resources and available for later consultation

Everyone who blogs at least once per week, participates in at least 10 of the synchronous events, does all the reading/viewing, and completes a final reflection will receive a Badge.


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