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Week Six: Connected Learning


Webbed Learning spider web
According to the Alliance for Excellent Education’s 2014 report, connected learning is “an educational approach that seeks to make learning relevant to all populations in both everyday life and work, taking into consideration the opportunities and realities of the digital age” (p. 3). The group goes on to say that the basic tenets of connected […]
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Who is in the Open Learning ’17 community?


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Where is our community? This Google map shows the locations of everyone who has registered a blog site at The map above will update over time, so be sure to check back. Here’s where we were on the afternoon of the first day: [Post by Steve Greenlaw, and lightly edited for the Hub by […]
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Confessions of a Computer-Mediated Communications Addict

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Yes, I’ve been going through the closets lately. Here’s something I caught that might be […] Read More

Selfies & avatars as a form of reflection

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Recently, I’ve spent much time and energy  discussing the pedagogical merits of blogging: a practice […] Read More

Hace doce horas en un pasillo del hotel oscuro – Openness with Brian Lamb

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Much as he may disavow my assertion (ask him about the one in Flagstaff a […] Read More