Week 3: Information Literacy

Framework for an indoor garden.

Information literacy requires frameworks to support an ecology of nodes and connections. Photo by Timothy Vogel. CC license BY-NC 2.0

OpenLearning ‘18 – Information Literacy Week (Feb. 25-March 3)

This week focuses on information literacy and its relevance for open education. We will be immersed in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education and will approach it from a number of angles. A number of experts will join the conversation throughout the week.

Sunday, February 25

Core reading: ACRL Information Literacy Framework

Monday, February 26

Activity: Annotate the Framework in Hypothes.is

Event: Twitter chat at noon to discuss how IL fits into Open Learning

Tuesday, February 27

Event: 3-4pm Google Hangout with Trudi Jacobson and Craig Gibson, who co-chaired the original Framework task force.

Wednesday, February 28

Read: Zoe Fisher. “Facing the frames: Using the Framework as a guide for a credit-bearing information literacy course.” C&RL News, v. 78, no. 7, pp. 354-358.

ACRL Framework as OER.


Read: Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson, “Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy.” College & Research Libraries, v. 72 no. 1, 2011, pp. 62-78.

Thursday, March 1

Read: John E. Russell and Merinda Kaye Hensley. “Beyond buttonology: Digital humanities, digital pedagogy, and the ACRL Framework.C&RL News, v. 78, no. 11, pp. 588-591.

Friday, March 2

Event: 2-3pm Google Hangout with Jenny Dale and others – the ACRL Framework Roadshow.

Activity: Blog about any of this week’s readings or activities. What are your takeaways from this week? How will you take your learning from this week into your work going forward?


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