"Long Exposure Darkroom 1" by <a href="https://flic.kr/p/6yUdS">Brian Tobin.</a>

“Long Exposure Darkroom 1” by Brian Tobin.

For the final week of Open Learning ’18, we’ll be thinking together about the premise underlying both iterations of this learning experience: open faculty development in higher education offers a vital, unique, and uniquely effective opportunity for shared learning in the digital age.

That premise can be contested of course. For that matter, each of the claims and terms in that final clause above can be contested. Each can also be celebrated, complicated, and analyzed. So let’s get these parties started!

MONDAY and TUESDAY, March 26-27: Let’s get meta! Annotating openlearninghub.net

Using Hypothes.is completely in the open (the “Public” setting), annotate the central site for Open Learning ’18 and ’17:  openlearninghub,net. Comment on anything and everything you want. This is a wide-open invitation to let your fellow learners know what’s worked well for you, what’s most valuable in the resources each iteration has developed, and of course where things have fallen short–for whatever reason.

If you’re not sure where to start, just click on one of the weeks in the syllabus, and annotate any or the week’s activities with your thoughts about that activity.

WEDNESDAY, March 28: Is Faculty Development Possible? Is Faculty Development Desirable? A Twitter Chat.

Join Gardner Campbell for a Twitter chat at noon EDT to consider the provocative and only partially tongue-in-cheek questions of whether faculty development is possible or desirable in higher education. Bring your links for examples of successes and failures. And if you want to get truly recursive, link to annotations on openlearninghub.net, a site that represents not only faculty development but also, and importantly, a conversation about that very topic. As always, use the hashtag #openlearning18 to participate in the conversation.

THURSDAY, MARCH 29: Blog, ye hearties!

Let’s all publish one blog post on this day, on the topic of faculty development. Posts on the idea or practice or experience of open faculty development are particularly welcome. Let’s see if we can get a little blog-rally going. Tag your post #openlearning18–and if you’re not already part of openlearninghub.net, be sure to tweet out your URL with #openlearning18, or just email the link to Gardner (gardnercampbell AT gmail.com) and he’ll post it to the site.

FRIDAY, MARCH 30: Special Event TBA

Can you contain your anticipation? Bate your breath? Watch this space!

Post by hub director and Week 7 director Gardner Campbell

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