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This pre-cMOOC week, directed by Stephanie Blackmon, helps you prepare for Open Learning ’18 with learning opportunities around finding and building an openly networked public voice.

Day 1 (Feb. 5): A Brief Introduction to MOOCs

What is a MOOC? Dave Cormier explains:

What is a cMOOC?

Blog post on cMOOCs and xMOOCs from Stephen Downes

cMOOCs and xMOOCs

Blog post from Tony Bates 

Day 2 (Feb. 6): Using Blogs, Twitter, and Hypothes.is to Participate in #openlearning18

Engagement in cMOOC #openlearning18

For those of you who participated in Open Learning ’17 and those of you who have participated in a similar faculty development experience, we hope that you will use Open Learning ’18 as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the topic of open educational resources (OERs), expand your network around faculty development and open education, and help those who are new to the Open Learning experience build stronger connections around open education. For those of you who consider yourselves Open Learning environment novices, see the following helpful hints from Sue Erickson:

“How to survive (and thrive) in a cMOOC”

“From Novice to Node”

Engaging Through Twitter

See examples of previous Twitter Chats from #openlearning17

Engaging Through Hypothes.is 

Connected Learning

*Digital Media and Learning: Principles of Connected Learning

*George Siemens: Connectivism

Day 3 (Feb. 7): A Brief Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OERs) 

What is an Open Educational Resource (OER)?

*Viewpoint from UNESCO

*Viewpoint from Education Week

*Viewpoint from Lumen Learning

Financials and OERs

Viewpoint from David Wiley via EDUCAUSE:

Day 4 (Feb. 8): Twitter Chat Opportunity–NOON EST

Twitter chat on various experiences with OERs (or what you would like to learn about OERs)

Note: Once you log on to Twitter, use the search box or your search filter (or click here) to find #openlearning18. Locating the hashtag will help you keep up with the Twitter chat and general Open Learning ’18 happenings! If it seems that you may be missing #openlearning18 tweets, just refresh your page.

Day 5 (Feb. 9): Blogging Opportunity 

Blog Post on What You’re Looking Forward To in Open Learning ’18

Two guiding questions: What do you hope to get from Open Learning ’18? What do you hope to contribute to Open Learning ’18?

Note: Don’t forget to syndicate your blog into the Open Learning ’18 stream!

Post by Stephanie Blackmon, edited by Gardner Campbell



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