Each week will be organized around topics and associated resources: readings, videos, etc. Our goal is to offer two synchronous and two asynchronous events each week. The “director(s)” of each week takes the lead on that week’s activities.

Note that this page gives you the Big Outline. Each week below will also include hyperlinks to a more detailed account of the week’s activities, as well as to resources, events, etc.

Feb 4-Feb. 10 Pre-cMOOC “networked public voices” activities and resources. Orientation to modes of participation. Director: Stephanie Blackmon
Full schedule of activities here.

Week 1 Feb 11-Feb. 17 – Welcome to the cMOOC!  Getting to know all the “opens.” Director: Stephanie Blackmon
READ TO DISCUSS:  “Fifty Shades of Open“ (Jeffrey Pomerantz and Robin Peek). Also read (your choice) Openness as Social Praxis” by Matthew Longshore Smith and Ruhiya Seward (a response to “50 Shades of Open”) OR “Open Educational Resources and Rhetorical Paradox…” by Nora Almeida (discusses what OERs mean in various contexts).
Full schedule of activities here.

Week 2 Feb. 18-Feb. 24  What we talk about when we talk about computers, the Internet, and the World Wide Web. Director: Gardner Campbell
READ, ANNOTATE, DISCUSS: “Tim Berners-Lee on the Web at 25: the past, present and future,” (Wired 23 August 2014)  John Naughton, “The Internet: everything you ever need to know.”
Full schedule of activities here.

Week 3 Feb. 25-March 3 What is Information Literacy? Director: Sue Erickson
READ TO DISCUSS: ACRL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION LITERACY IN HIGHER EDUCATION,  Zoe Fisher. “Facing the frames: Using the Framework as a guide for a credit-bearing information literacy course.”
Full schedule of activities here.

Week 4 March 4-March 10 – Open Access. Read to discuss: Introduction and chapter one of Peter Suber’s Open Access. Co-Directors: Sue Erickson and Maha Bali.
Full schedule of activities here

Week 5 March 11-17 Open Educational Resources Director: Steve Greenlaw

Week 6 March 18-24 Open Pedagogy: Amy Nelson

Week 7 March 25-29 Open Faculty Development–finale

Faculty Collaboratives Steering Committee:

Stephanie Blackmon
Gardner Campbell (Hub Director)
Sue Erickson (Associate Hub Director)
Steve Greenlaw
Amy Nelson