I n our third and final conversation for Open Learning ’17, Randy Bass and Bret Eynon talk about design principles for rebundling liberal education within the new digital ecosystem. They also discuss the idea of mission, and the need for an ongoing commitment to whole-person education centered on liberal learning.

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Open and Integrative Part 3 (click to listen)

My thanks to Randy and Bret for the hours they committed to our conversations, including the time they spent in planning and in reading over the many Hypothes.is annotations (over 170 at ast count!) on their recent AAC&U publication Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Education for the New Digital Ecosystem

Both Randy and Bret have devoted their careers to nurturing and expanding the role of liberal learning across all of higher education. Their commitment is exemplary and encouraging. There will be much to discuss and wrangle over, now and in the future, about the nature and extent of the “digital ecosystem” as well as the “digital opportunity” Randy and Bret describe in their book.  Yet the core purposes of liberal learning they identify and champion form the foundation for these discussions. I celebrate and cherish our shared commitment to these purposes:

the development of the full self; the relation of self to others and to knowledge; and, ultimately, the capacity to integrate and make connections—across domains, between theory and practice, and over time. (p. 8)

Post written by Open Learning ’17 Hub Director Gardner Campbell

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