W hat does liberal education look like at Georgetown University vs. LaGuardia Community College? What unites liberal learning advocates and digital ecosystem aficionados, and what separates them?  How do the digital ecosystems our students bring to school connect with the digital ecosystems built for schools? What do the authors mean by “open and integrative”? These and other questions emerged from the conversation with Randy Bass and Bret Eynon in support of Open Learning ’17 and our first week considering their book Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Learning for the New Digital EcosystemThe conversation also sparked some lively discussion on Twitter, and was informed by annotations of their ebook by means of Hypothes.is.

Rather than summarize the conversation further, I invite you to watch it for yourself. It’s a half-hour well spent. Click on the image below to view the video.

Bret Eynon talking about Open and Integrative

For  our second week with Open and Integrative, we’ll be focusing on chapters four and five of the book, which emphasize faculty development and assessment. As with our first week, you’re encouraged to purchase the book and annotate it via Hypothes.is. (Note that to permit shared annotation, the book must be purchased, downloaded, and loaded into a browser with the Hypothes.is extension on and local file annotation enabled. Instructions here: Unfortunately, because the book is not freely available on the open Web, the annotations cannot be shared via Twitter or other social media.)

On Wednesday, April 12 from 4-5 pm EDT, we’ll have another live-streamed conversation with Bret and Randy to dive into topics related to faculty development and assessment. You can watch the Hangout here:

Finally, I encourage everyone to consider writing a short (or medium, or long) blog post reflecting on some part of Open and Integrative. I know Randy and Bret find this feedback and conversation very helpful, as do I and (I hope) everyone in the Open Learning ’17 network.

And as always, keep those #openlearning17 tweets coming.

Post written and interview conducted by hub director Gardner Campbell


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