Week Five: Digital Literacy

Selfie with Hunter the cat, by Bryan Alexander. That's Bryan in the background.

Photo by Bryan Alexander. That’s Bryan in the background.

Please welcome week five director Dr. Bryan Alexander, an internationally renowned educational futurist, to Open Learning ’17.  No brief biography can possibly do Bryan justice, so please dive in and get to know him at his main professional site, including his Future Forum site.

Bryan has a rich set of opportunities planned for what he has declared “A Week Of Digital Literacy.” Here’s the schedule of activities. Please note that times for Twitter conversations are TBD. This page will be updated as times are settled on.

A Week of Digital Literacy, directed by Bryan Alexander

From Bryan:

What does digital literacy have to do with open education, and vice versa?  That is the subject of this week’s exploration.

My plan for the week is that each day centers on a document in different media platforms (web page, pdf, video, audio files).  Participants (such as these fine people) will discuss and riff upon it from their own sites and through Twitter (hashtag #OpenLearning17).  There is a bonus reading for each day as well.

Here’s the week’s schedule:

Monday, February 20: An audio introduction to digital literacy and why it matters for open education.  Twitter conversation.
Bonus content: “Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning”.

Tuesday, February 21: Discussion of the ACRL Information Literacy Framework. Participants can annotate and respond to the Framework by using Hypothes.is.  Twitter conversation continues.
Bonus content: “DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens. Update Phase 1: the Conceptual Reference Model.”

Wednesday, February 22: Watch and listen to the recent New Media Consortium webinar on Digital Literacy.  More Twitter conversation.
Bonus content: the NMC digital literacy briefing.

Thursday, February 23: Digital literacy, fake news, and politics. Reading: Crap Detection 101, by Howard Rheingold.  Google Hangout from 12-1 pm eastern standard time.  Still more Twitter conversation.
Bonus content: the Snopes fake news archive.

Friday, February 24: The future of digital literacy: audio statement from Bryan.  Twitter live chat from 12-1 pm eastern standard time. Irrepressible Twitter conversation.
Bonus content: a new digital literacy politics.

Please join in as much as you’d like.  You can connect yourself formally to the project here, or comment on my blog posts, or tweet, or a mixture of these.

You can find more about the MOOC and associated projects here.

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