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Very Smart!


Wiki Education Foundation – Wiki Education Foundation » BC Open Educational Technology Collaborative Of Course Westworld’s Costumes Are 3D-Printed, Too – Racked With the exception of some places in Italy or maybe England, you honestly can’t find beautiful, intricate fabrics anymore. It’s really sad! So we had to hire 3D printers in Los Angeles to reprint all our vintage fabrics so we could have more — and then beg them to work around our crazy TV schedules.
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Transform a Propaganda Poster with Digital Alchemy


The second of three sessions my name was listed on at Open Ed 2015 was Splots and Darkweb Plots. It might not take a lot of guessing to know that this was co-presented with Brian Lamb.
Furthermore, in the spirit of remix, the platform of the presentati...
Make an Alchemy Propaganda Poster Tap into the motif of old time poster art; modify an existing one to change it’s meaning.
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Shadow Government


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Confessions of a Computer-Mediated Communications Addict

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Selfies & avatars as a form of reflection

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Recently, I’ve spent much time and energy  discussing the pedagogical merits of blogging: a practice […] Read More

Hace doce horas en un pasillo del hotel oscuro – Openness with Brian Lamb

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Much as he may disavow my assertion (ask him about the one in Flagstaff a […] Read More