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Confessions of a Computer-Mediated Communications Addict


Yes, I’ve been going through the closets lately. Here’s something I caught that might be of interest: a closing keynote address I presented at the 2002 Mary Washington College Faculty Academy on Instructional Technology. It was an interesting in-between time. … Continue reading →
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Selfies & avatars as a form of reflection


Recently, I’ve spent much time and energy  discussing the pedagogical merits of blogging: a practice that supports skills such as social networking; providing and receiving feedback; developing a sense of audience; and creating a searchable, filterable, organizable record of thinking and growth over time. Alan Levine talks about this last benefit all the time – he can... […]
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Hace doce horas en un pasillo del hotel oscuro – Openness with Brian Lamb


Much as he may disavow my assertion (ask him about the one in Flagstaff a few years ago), Brian Lamb and I getting together for presenting is always a peak experience, usually peaking soon before it happens. For the UdG Agora face to face sessions last...
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