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Are We Spectators or Actors?


Reading Time: 2 minutes​(this blogpost is influenced by recent discussions with friends from my digped community – i say “my” because I feel like I belong among them, that kind of “my”) So much going on in the world right now, keeping everyone’s … Continue reading →
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Imagining and Visualizing Little Miss Open and Mr. Open #openlearning17 #oer17


Reading Time: 4 minutesI have been doing a lot of reading and thinking ahead of #oer17 but what I am reading MOST are books to my little kid each night and throughout the day. Because I am neurotic about raising a kid who … Continue reading →
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Some Open Questions for #OpenLearning17


Reading Time: 2 minutesThey say when one door closes, another opens (or a window, maybe). But we don’t usually talk about how sometimes opening a particular door might actually close another. For the same people, or different ones. Open/Shut flickr photo by sarae shared under … Continue reading →
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Confessions of a Computer-Mediated Communications Addict

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Yes, I’ve been going through the closets lately. Here’s something I caught that might be […] Read More

Selfies & avatars as a form of reflection

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Recently, I’ve spent much time and energy  discussing the pedagogical merits of blogging: a practice […] Read More

Hace doce horas en un pasillo del hotel oscuro – Openness with Brian Lamb

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Much as he may disavow my assertion (ask him about the one in Flagstaff a […] Read More