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“Magical Combinations:” Notes from a Ted Talk


How does one respond to the blooming, buzzing mind of Ted Nelson? I don’t really know…trying to follow the associative trails in that mind is quite the adventure. I’ll take my fallback approach, which is to gather some fragments or nuggets of thought (or, as Jon Udell might now term them, “segments of interest“), throw them […]
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Creativity – the gift that keeps on giving


Beware of weps.
I remember watching Gardner Campbell’s interview with Ted Nelson (YT). Along with a related interview with Alan Kay (YT), it made quite an impression on me. Even the edited, half-hour version (YT) is packed with information and insights. I started … Continue reading →
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#Openlearning17 — Ted Nelson


Photo of Computer Lib, Dream Machine
  Repost of For the Wholiness of the Human Spirit (2015) Re-watching Ted Nelson’s eulogy for Doug Engelbart last week reminded me of one of the many (many) reasons Nelson’s thinking about computers and society resonates so powerfully with me. Mourning the loss of one of the most pivotal stars of the new media revolution […]
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