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A Virtual Introduction


As the new Associate Director at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute (GEHLI), I’ve been getting a lot of virtual introductions that sound like these recently. Spend enough time in higher education,  and you will send and receive these things so often that you stop thinking about what they really are, which is a... […]
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A Little Bird Gets a New Look (Visual Article Series)


I originally created and published A Little Bird Told Me: Maximizing Your Learning on Twitter in 2015.  The one page list of strategies was my first ever pinned tweet.  It has been one of my more successful online endeavors, capturing thousands of views and hundreds (maybe close to a thousand if you count across platforms) of downloads.  Instructors... […]
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Digital Presence: A Scheduled Chat with Ken Bauer’s Students


Tomorrow, Lee Skallerup and I will be speaking to Ken Bauer’s #iTec Digital Identity course, a five day bootcamp on digital identity for undergraduate students at Tecnológico de Monterrey on…you guessed it – digital identity.  Ken has put together a stunning lineup – Dave Cormier, Bonnie Stewart, Alan Levine, Amy Burvall, and Autumm Caines – and... […]
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Confessions of a Computer-Mediated Communications Addict

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Yes, I’ve been going through the closets lately. Here’s something I caught that might be […] Read More

Selfies & avatars as a form of reflection

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Recently, I’ve spent much time and energy  discussing the pedagogical merits of blogging: a practice […] Read More

Hace doce horas en un pasillo del hotel oscuro – Openness with Brian Lamb

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Much as he may disavow my assertion (ask him about the one in Flagstaff a […] Read More