You have chosen the path of specification. Let’s make sure we fetch the right things so everyone is happy. Delineated below are some guides for specific platforms.


If you’re on wordpress.com, or any other WordPress environment, this will help you figure out the right RSS feed.

  1. Make sure you’ve published at least one post with the category or tag you’re going to use. You can always edit the post later. Fear not. Fear is the mind killer.
  2. Go look at the post. There’s a good chance the tag or category is going to show up somewhere on the page. It may be under the title, at the bottom of the post, or in the sidebar. That tag or category should show up somewhere. Find it. Click on it.
  3. Now look at the URL on that page. Look up in the browser bar.
  4. There are two ways it can look- the pretty way with human words between the slashes or the ugly way with a bunch of ampersands, question marks, and equals signs.
  5. Use the following patterns to help figure out your individual feed. Please notice the pieces in italics below are specific to your site.


    • CATEGORY VERSIONhttp://yoursite.com/category/openlearning/feed
    • TAG VERSIONhttp://yoursite.com/tag/openlearning/feed

    Not so attractive

    • CATEGORY VERSIONhttp://www.yoursite.com/?cat=9&feed=rss2  (Take notice that the blue number 9 in there will be a specific number on your blog. You can see the number in the URL you got when you clicked on your category link earlier.)
    • TAG VERSIONhttp://www.yoursite.com/?tag=openlearning&feed=rss2


Blogger has neither categories nor tags but it does have a ‘label’ which achieves the same goal.

The URL looks like http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/openlearning


Test out this URL for your blog feed. Make sure that the link actually goes somewhere. It should show you something like this. This is a machine representation of your blog, you should recognize your own content inside what may look like code gibberish.

Once you feel good about it working, follow the button below to the next step.