Twitter Chats 2017

Week One
Twitter Mixer Chat: What’s Open In Your Work?
Twitter Chat (combined with Twitter Journal Club) on “Fifty Shades of Open”:
Connected Learning Coach Laura Gogia’s blog post on this event.

Week Two
Twitter backchannel for webinar with Jeremy Dean and Jon Udell: Associative Trails, Online Annotation, and “As We May Think”
Twitter Chat: “As We May Think” and Enhanced Student Learning

Week Three
Twitter Chat: “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework” and LEAP’s Essential Learning Outcomes.

Week Four
Twitter Community-Builder: Show Us Your Workspace! (Connected Spaces)
Twitter Chat: Computer Lib, Curriculum, Motivation

Week Five
Twitter Chat: Digital Literacy

Week Six
Twitter Chat: Connected Learning

Week Seven
Twitter backchannel for Open Access Google Hangout session

Week Eight
Twitter Chat: Developing Open Pedagogues
Twitter Chat: Open Pedagogy Wrap-Up (with new mission phrase “Open LEAPing,” courtesy Amy Nelson and Sue Erickson)

Week Nine
Twitter Chat: Q&A with OER author Dr. Caitie Finlayson
Twitter Chat: After OER Adoption, What?

Week Ten
Twitter Chat: These are a few of our favorite Participatory Cultures

ODU Center for Learning & Teaching Summer Institute: Panel Presentation for OpenLearning17, the Virginia Faculty Collaboratives Project