Viewing Guide for Faculty User Panel

Faculty User Panel,   UMW OER Summit,   May 2016

Viewing Guide

Moderator: Nicole Finkbeiner, OpenStax

0:45 Introduction of Panelists

  • Bob Rycroft – Economics, UMW
  • Jenny Quarles – English, Longwood University & Germanna CC
  • Shawn Shields – Chemistry, Germanna CC
  • Donna Burge – Anatomy & Physiology, Lord Fairfax CC
  • Tara Stamm – Sociology, VCU
  • Linda Williams – Business Administration, Tidewater CC, (gives a short overview of the Z-Degree program)

9:05 How do you learn about new course materials relevant to your courses? How important are sales reps in this regard?

13:25 What are the top 3 most important things you look for when considering new course materials?

33:52 Do you or your colleagues face pressures when choosing course materials (which might make one reluctant to adopt OER)? What are those pressures and where do they come from?