Week 12: Open and Integrative – Faculty Development and Outcomes Assessment


Photo by Gardner Campbell

This week we continue our work with Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Education for the New Digital Ecosystem, the 2016 AAC&U publication by Randy Bass (Georgetown) and Bret Eynon (LaGuardia Community College). This book is our text for two more weeks. For each of those weeks, we will begin by annotating and discussion a portion of the book in Hypothes.is. Each week will feature a Twitter chat on the week’s emphasis, as well as a live videoconference with Randy and Bret as they speak to your thoughts and your questions.

For this week, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to purchase and download a PDF copy of Open and Integrative. You can do that here: https://secure.aacu.org/store/detail.aspx?id=E-GMSDIG . The price for AAC&U members is listed as 15.00, but hub director Gardner Campbell reports he was charged only 12.00. We recognize that this is the first non-OER we have used in Open Learning ’17, but we believe the investment is worth it, and we hope it will not prove a hardship for you. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact hub director Gardner Campbell directly at gardner.campbell AT gmail.com (substitute @ for AT, of course).

WEEK 12:

Monday-Tuesday, April 10-11
Using Hypothes.is, read and annotate chapter 4 of Open and Integrative (pp. 41-59). Please feel free to continue reading and annotating throughout the week.
Instructions for annotating PDFs offline via Hypothes.is: https://hypothes.is/blog/synchronizing-annotations-between-local-and-remote-pdfs/

Wednesday, April 12, 4-5 pm EDT
Live streamed videoconference with Randy and Bret on Chapter 4, with an opportunity for them to address your thoughts and questions shared on Hypothes.is and via Twitter. Twitter backchannel using #openlearning17. Watch the Hangout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8yx5Q6P5tM

Friday, April 7, noon – 1 p.m. EDT
Twitter chat on Chapter 4 of Open and Integrative.

A look ahead:

Week 13 will focus on “rebundling” and next steps, with an opportunity for you to envision how Open and Integative and the AAC&U’s LEAP initiatives might foster change on your campus.

Week 14 is Open Learning ‘17’s grand finale—details forthcoming!

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