Week One: All The Opens

Welcome. We Are Open

Photo by Alan Levine

Days 1-2: Intro to Open

“ 50 Shades of Open” by Jeffrey Pomerantz and Robin Peek

Days 2-3: Intro to Open

Openness as Social Praxis” by Matthew Longshore Smith and Ruhiya Seward (a response to “50 Shades of Open”)


Open Educational Resources and Rhetorical Paradox…” by Nora Almeida (discusses what OERs mean in various contexts)

Day 4: A Chat with Jeffrey Pomerantz, co-author of “50 Shades of Open”

View a video chat with Gardner Campbell and Jeffrey Pomerantz

Day 5: Blogging 

Opportunity to blog about readings for the week

Guiding question: How do this week’s materials relate to your own ideas about open education?